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G-Cloud 13 Framework Acceptance

By September 20, 2022No Comments

As part of our continued commitment to offer industry leading cloud services and solutions to the public sector, we are pleased to announce that we have been listed as a supplier on the Government’s G-Cloud 13 framework.

We are very excited to be accepted on this framework and this is truly a testament to our continued focus and passion to offer best value to the public sector.

The G-Cloud framework is part of the Government’s overall Digital Marketplace platform, an initiative designed to make it easier for public sector bodies to find trusted suppliers, and to help ensure their procurement process is as transparent as possible.

We focus on two areas within the new G-Cloud 13 framework, Microsoft 365 (Lot 2) and Brother Online Agent Support (Lot 3. Both these services will add value to the Public Sector. These offerings can be found within the Cloud services/support sections of this particular framework RM1557.13.

G-Cloud 13 Framework. If you would like to find out more about the services and solutions we offer, please head over to the Digital Marketplace.