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Fix Outlook and Office 365 problems with Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant for Office 365…

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How does it work?

Frequently Asked Questions

Support and Recovery Assistant works by running tests to figure out what’s wrong. It can fix many problems for you, or it can tell you how to fix them yourself.

What if I’m still having problems?

If Support and Recovery Assistant can’t fix a problem for you, we’ll suggest next steps and help you get in touch with Office 365 support.

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Problems with Outlook.

  • Outlook stops responding
  • Can’t receive emails
  • Outlook keeps asking for my password
  • Shared mailboxes or shared calendars don’t work.
  • Outlook keeps saying “Trying to connect…” or “Disconnected”

Problems with Office 365 email on your phone.

  • I can’t sync my email
  • Email app keeps asking for my password

Trouble setting up Office apps.

  • Where do I go to install Office?
  • I can’t activate Office
  • I need help setting up my Office 365 email in Outlook

Need help with Outlook on the web?

  • I can’t sign in
  • I can’t find Outlook on the web

Problems with Dynamics CRM Online.

  • I can’t install, connect, or enable CRM for Outlook