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The gold standard of internet connectivity.

With superfast speeds reaching an incredible 1Gbps, Fibre Ethernet is the undisputed champion of UK Internet connectivity. It’s the fastest, most scalable and most reliable connection around – making it the ultimate choice for businesses that demand the best.

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Now from £193 per month – Special offer pricing.

Offering unsurpassed reliability, guaranteed performance and astounding speeds of up to 1Gb, Fibre Ethernet from Spitfire is the gold standard of UK Internet connectivity.

Choose from multiple wholesale carriers for your local sites and different core node termination on the Spitfire network, offering unsurpassed business continuity options at market leading prices.

All Spitfire Ethernet circuits are suitable for carrying voice as well as data, thanks to the inclusion of market-leading targets for packet loss, delay and jitter. The marginal cost of running voice over an Ethernet circuit can be close to zero, meaning the savings compared with ISDN can be up to 70% – with all the benefits of disaster recovery options and flexibility inherent in a SIP service.

Business Fibre Ethernet circuits are high speed, uncontended, full duplex symmetrical connections that deliver stringent uptime targets and repair times in the unlikely event of a failure, as well as performance SLAs in terms of extremely low Packet Loss, Jitter and Delay.

  • Free of charge connection offer.
  • Delivery time from 25 days if on-net.
  • 100% target uptime backed by service credits.
  • Bandwidths ranging from 10Mb to 1Gb.
  • Industry leading 5 hour target fix time.
  • Performance SLAs promising extremely low Packet Loss, Jitter and Delay.
  • Dedicated, uncontended bandwidth.
  • Fixed IP address allocation as standard.
  • Available as Internet or Site-to-Site connectivity.
  • Multiple wholesale carriers available – BT, Virgin, TalkTalk Business and Colt.

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